Why Journeys with Dr A?

Over the years I have had the privilege to travel to all 50 states and visit over 30 other countries (see the blue pins on the header map!).  And each time I travel I learn something new or gain a better understanding of those around us.  These are lessons that help shape my thinking and how I see the world.  And I would like to share these observations and thoughts with our students and alumni at Wilkes University and anyone else who might be interested.

Tomorrow I head for Sao Paulo, Brazil.  It will be my first visit to Brazil.  I am second-generation Portuguese and my grandfather worked in Manaus, Brazil before immigrating to the US.  The purpose of the trip is to represent the International Council for Small Business (ICSB) at the annual Rede PYMES conference and give a presentation.  As one of the BRIC countries Brazil’s growth has been fueled by and helped to create a growing middle class, a critical phase of economic development  for improving a society’s standard of living.

The flight to Sao Paulo will be from Washington Dulles International Airport.  I probably could have gone out of Liberty Newark but I need to be in Washington DC for the SIFE World Cup on Monday.  So it just seemed easier to go from DC.

Beyond the connection with my heritage, Brazil has a great reputation for music, dance, food, and, of course, football (or soccer to us Americanos).  I am looking forward to the visit!

More on the trip!


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3 Responses to “Why Journeys with Dr A?”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Dr. A. Hope you enjoy Brazil. Be safe and learn some Portuguese.

  2. Rich emiliani Says:

    Brazil can be an interesting place to visit.
    Always nice weather
    have fun on your trip.

  3. Susan Zavistoski Says:

    Great insight into your travels Dr Alves, looking forward to reading more and seeing more pictures!

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